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Domestic BATTERY

Image by Caspar Rae

Why use a battery?

Maybe Solar Pv isn’t for you? Maybe you don’t have enough roof space? We don’t think that should stop you from saving on your electricity bills!

Using a battery and a technique called 'Loadshifting' you can power your home for just 71p per day!

How will this save me money?

During the night, energy is a lot cheaper and depending on the tariff it is available for 7.5p per kWh of energy. Now you could charge your battery during this period and store it for use during the day so that you are not paying the full daytime rate for electricity.

How much can I save?

For an average home, we would fit a 9.5 kW battery and that would easily store enough energy for your home to use all day long. Using the 'Load shifting' technique you can power your home for just 71p per day plus a standing charge. This will save you over £800 on average returning you 15% on your investment in the first year.  Saving you 80% on your energy, making this a great idea for your home!

With a payback period of just under 7 years, your battery could be the perfect way for you to save money on your electricity.

Managing my energy

After installing the battery, you will be given access to a mobile app so that you can monitor your energy usage and how much you have left stored in your battery.

If you are interested call us on 01254 476140 or email us to get more information on how a battery can save you money.

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