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About us


Renewable Energy Consultants Ltd (REC)

are a holistic consultancy firm and "single point

provider" of green technology, funding options and renewable energy solutions. The founders have over 50 years experience in business consultancy, project management and wide industry knowledge, operating with strong values and integrity.

From experience we have learned that in

the fast-moving energy market it's essential to

work collaboratively with key industry partners and through the Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP)  initiative we have developed an infrastructure of specialist partners so that our customers/clients can benefit from FREE consultancy support.

We help businesses to future proof their energy costs, save money, reduce carbon footprint, increase social values, make positive environmental impact and accelerate Net Zero targets.

Renewable Energy Consultants Ltd (REC) work

closely with their Green Fund partner to facilitate

fully funded commercial solar installations with

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - without any

capital outlay for the business.

We are also partnered with specialist Renewable

Energy Generators (Wind, Solar, Hydro and

Anaerobic Digestion) so that you can take advantage of direct, fixed low rate green energy - without any hidden charges.

This unique approach is a game changer and

gives us a significant advantage in an ever

changing marketplace.

Sustainable Energy

We can help you switch to our renewable energy partners and benefit from a Transparent and Unique Green Energy Market with low cost, fixed rate 100% Renewable Green Energy - without any capital costs.

Not only will you be able to dramatically reduce your electricity bills with fixed contracts for up to 5 years - you will also be able to demonstrate the energy source

(no green-washing), reduce your carbon footprint and help meet Net Zero targets.

Organisations that already have solar installed can also create an additional income stream - because we can purchase your excess energy instead of automatically going back to the grid for nothing.

our value proposition to corporates 

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